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SIRI SHAYA - Fusion of Faithful Thai Heritage with Modern Flair in Fine Jewelry

In each collection, we have carried cultural symbolism with modern design, creating pieces suitable for daily wear and special occasions. Our jewelry bridges generations, preserving the faithful Thai heritage.

The brand name is derived from the initials of the mother and daughter, Siriwan and Jiratchaya Wongariyakavee, resulting in the name SIRI and SHAYA. In Thai, ‘SIRI’ also means ‘auspicious’ or ‘luck’, while ‘SHAYA’ means ‘gift of God’ or ‘worthy’ in Arabic.

Our jewelry collections are designed to be cherished and worn across generations, reflecting the bond between mother and daughter, Siriwan and Jiratchaya. Each piece seamlessly adapts from daily wear to special occasions, ranging from minimalist to elegant styles. They embody the good fortune of Thai faithful heritage and the positive energy of gemstones.

Natural Spinel Gemstone | Natural Diamond | 18K Gold

We highly value the natural materials of gold, diamonds, and spinel gemstones. These materials not only increase in value over time but also ensure the longevity and durability of each jewelry piece, reflecting a sustainable and lasting quality.

WHY SPINEL as our signature gemstone?

Our jewelry pieces primarily feature Spinel as our signature gemstone. The reason for this is its exceptional properties, including its luster, unique color, clarity, and natural beauty. Spinel boasts a luster level comparable to that of diamonds, as well as better clarity than Ruby/ Sapphire. Additionally, Spinel offers a wide range of colors, from colorless to black, including greyish hues that are not commonly found in other gemstones. Unlike Ruby or Sapphire, Spinel does not require any treatments to enhance its gorgeous colors…

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We firmly believe that Spinel has the potential to become the next queen of gemstones. In fact, Spinel is so highly regarded that it is even featured on the crown of royalty.

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